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If you want a wonderful place to relax in your property during summer months then a patio for your Basingstoke home is a wise option. A patio will allow you to entertain guests and host barbecues in a safe and steady area. It will also enable you to sunbathe on those scorching summer days. With years of experience in providing fine class installations in Basingstoke, there is no company to choose but ACE Driveways. Our service is available in:

  • Basingstoke
  • Worting
  • Kempshott
  • Sherborne Saint John and the wider area

Why You Should Have a Patio Installed In Your Home

A patio is seen as a very attractive option for many homeowners as it has a plethora of different usages. When you have a patio installed by ACE Driveways, you will receive an exquisite entertainment area. Friends and family will flock to your home if you host a barbecue or party. A patio is also very versatile, and you will be able to include a variety of garden features like trees, plant pots and other plants.

Prior to installing a patio into your garden, we will discuss what pre-existing features of your garden that you wish to incorporate and design a one that will compliment your garden. This will give you the chance to have a bespoke installation that is truly unique. Another reason you should have a patio installed is that it extremely easy to maintain in comparison to the average garden. Tending to the average garden can require a lot of effort and time, so if you’re pressed for time but want a great looking garden then a patio is right for you.

What Can ACE Driveways Provide?

ACE Driveways can provide customers in Basingstoke a huge choice of different patio styles and colours. Our expert and experienced team of staff will work hard with you to help create a design that you will fall in love with. We have found in the past that customers can be apprehensive when ordering a patio and unsure what they want. Our staff will talk you through all of the available options, and you can be assured that you will receive a stunning patio.

Every patio we provide will be tailored to your needs and the needs of your garden requirements. With years of experience in providing expert services, customers can expect nothing but the best from ACE Driveways.

Prior to any work starting on your property, our team will go into great depth about the choices that we can provide you and your property. Our team will take into mind your needs and our expert tradesmen will then create a beautiful patio for your garden. Every customer of Base. Driveways will benefit from competitive prices on all of our products.

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If you would like nothing but the best patio service in Basingstoke then ACE Driveways is the company to choose. Our years of experience have given us a unique standing in the Basingstoke area. So do not hesitate and call us today on 01256 591420.