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Driveway Refurbishment Basingstoke

If your driveway is in need of some tender loving care then ACE Driveways offer a marvellous driveway refurbishment for homes in Basingstoke. Our company has become renowned for providing customers in Basingstoke with driveways of the highest quality. We have also included in our services, a driveway refurbishment service to restore driveways of all types to like new standard. We provide driveway refurbishment in Basingstoke, Lychpit, Kempshott, Old Basing and the surrounding areas.

What ACE Driveways Can Do For Your Driveway?

With years of experience in installing and refurbishing driveways in Basingstoke, we understand many of the factors that lead to a driveway deteriorating to a displeasing state. A common reason behind driveway deterioration is the lack of care and maintenance on the property’s owner part. Driveways of all kinds require regular maintenance to keep them free of weeds/moss and to ensure the joints are secure.  We often advise that it is cheaper to refurbish a pre-existing driveway than to have a new driveway installed.

At ACE Driveways, we understand that not every homeowner is able to maintain their driveway regularly due to other commitments and lack of equipment. As a result, we provide a refurbishment service that is able to restore driveways of all types to like new state.

Block paving driveways are often affected by cracks and erosion as the sand joints dissipate over time. This can lead to the driveway becoming unusable due to the possibility of tile spreading or sinking occurring. This type of driveway is also at risk of moss and weeds.

Our company is also able to restore tarmac and imprinted concrete driveways. We will endeavour to smooth out cracks and remove any weeds/moss that may have popped up. Driveway restoration work carried out by ACE Driveways will improve the appearance and life of your driveway.

Basingstoke Driveway Refurbishment Process

All driveways being refurbished by ACE Driveways will benefit from an intensive high pressure deep clean wash. The purpose of this wash will stringently clean your driveway of grime and dirt that it has accumulated over the years.

A pattern imprinted concrete driveway will be refurbished once it has dried after the deep clean. We will then fill and secure joints within the driveway with a very strong filler. Afterwards we will apply a high quality acrylic solids sealer.

If you have a tarmac driveway, this will be refurbished with an extra layer of tarmac over the pre-existing surface. Doing so will fill in all cracks and even the driving surface. Whereas with a block paving driveway, we will cover it in dried block paving sand and ensure it is evenly spread to every joint. The driveway will be protected with a layering of specialist sealant that will improve the life of your driveway.

So For the Best Driveway Refurbishment in Basingstoke, Contact Us Today

A driveway can provide you with years of valuable service, but it must be regularly maintained. So if your driveway is looking past its best, then contact ACE Driveways at 01256 591420.